Who packaged my cheese?

My wife recently purchased a great new brand of packaged, pre-sliced cheese. The brand name is Dofino and the parent company is Arla. It looks very upscale - a white waxed paper like packaging with nice design on it. It was hard to open though- no obvious "tear here" marking. And it is resealable, which you wouldn't know the first time you opened one. The resealable strip doesn't work very well so I found myself putting the entire package in a larger zip lock bag for storage after use. Another interesting point about the packaging, you can't see the cheese inside, just the name "Gouda" on the front with a picture of a a very tantalizing deli sandwich that obviously has a slice of that particular kind of cheese on it. So you can see I've pointed out a few criticism's with the packaging.

It makes me wonder if they just designed the packaging to look more upscale/prestige and didn't really think about how well the packaging functioned for the end consumer. My wife told me that she picked up a couple packages of this brand because they were half price. Ahhh - apparently the packaging isn't helping sales. Unless you are a cheese fanatic, you might have to see the cheese and not not recognize by name the difference between Havarti and Gouda.

I did go the the website by the way and after taking a few minutes to find the cheese we bought, see that the packaging looks like its been updated on the Havarti but not the Gouda. Arla, your cheese is very good by the way. I wonder what it cost you to repackage it all though, both in terms of hard cost and also in terms of new customers who tried it and won't buy again for the reasons I mentioned here.

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