GET UNSTUCK: Take Your Company from Stagnant to Stellar

Anouncing "Get Unstuck," an accelerated, tangible-results process for growth and change by Behr Strategies.

Who needs it: You, the president of a successful, young company whose previous double-digit annual growth rate has slowed or reached a long plateau; and your key executives who share, with you, a quantifiable stake in its future.

The opportunity: A valuable, one-month engagement with an A-Team of the sharpest, most experienced business and creative strategists in the Midwest – who will hand you, at the end of just four weeks, a literal roadmap for getting unstuck, getting into gear, and moving with dynamic clarity to a refined vision of success.

How it works: We research your company. Next, we conduct one-on-one interviews with you and your executives. We then bring your entire executive team into a room for a lively, half-day "Big Picture" discovery session. More focused interviews follow: with you. (Tapping into your vision is key.) Then we evaluate, cogitate, and reassemble the executive team for another workshop to align vision, brand, marketing and operations. Finally, we present clear solutions.

What you get: An enlightening and aligning experience with your executive team. A critical mass of objective insights that lead to actionable recommendations. A "Big Picture" Strategy for growth and change. And a visual presentation of our solutions in the form of an easily-referenced roadmap. In short, your company gets unstuck.

How to start: Contact Mike Behr, 314-361-9804, Mike@BehrStrategies.com


PERFECT YOUR PITCH: Distill Your Story and Master Key Messages...

...to engage investors, customers, employees & suitors.

Announcing "Perfect Your Pitch," 
a tangible-results messaging workshop by Mike Behr and Walt Jaschek. It's an invaluable, guided 6-hour session with your leadership team and two of the most respected and experienced Brand Strategists in the Midwest.

The benefits: Get alignment of your messaging to your vision. Solidify your story to prepare for the many initiatives it will inform. Get consensus from your leadership team on the wording of powerful “elevator speeches” we create with your team, customized for key stakeholder groups. Get informed recommendations on how to express your story through branding and marketing.

Who should attend: The C-Level of your company: even if that’s only a small group – or just you. Though the workshop is great at capturing the “mass mind,” it’s still effective with just one or two people.

How it works: You and your team shows up ready work, play and think. We take you on a series of engaging, proven exercises to solicit your story and craft concise, memorable expressions of it.

What you leave with: A motivating sense of clarity. And a customized handbook we create on the spot, summarizing the session’s solutions and recommendations.

Includes: All you can drink and a nice box lunch delivered just when you need it.

For more info, contact: Mike Behr, 314-361-9804, Mike@BehrStrategies.com